About FastLicense


What is FastLicense™?

FastLicense streamlines the technology transfer process by enabling commercial entities to pursue non-exclusive licenses for certain MITRE technologies. All license agreements are simple, favorable, and non-negotiable. The exact grant, term, field of use, and licensed product definition will be unique to each license.

What kinds of licenses does it include?

FastLicense agreements fall into two categories:

  • Non-exclusive commercial use licenses, with simple, pre-established terms (fees or no-fees)
  • Non-exclusive, no-fee, limited-use (academic, research, and internal)

How does an applicant begin the FastLicense process?

Companies may download a FastLicense information packet from the MITRE website. The packet includes a license agreement unique to the technology, instructions, minimum requirements, and a short questionnaire about the applicant’s plan for commercializing MITRE technology. Applicants may submit this packet according to instructions in the information packet.

The following is a list of all available technologies for FastLicense: