Affordability Engineering Framework

AEF emphasizes such vital principles as efficiency, effectiveness, value, usefulness, and fiscal management. When used throughout the planning and execution of a program, AEF drives consistency, coordinates program activities, and enables better decision-making.

By producing an acquisition systems baseline, AEF presents more opportunities for data-driven decision-making. While useful for conducting assessments, AEF also identifies areas in a program's planning and execution that may need additional engineering and analysis.

Working with MITRE to implement AEF into their acquisition cycle can allow agencies to:

  • Reduce uncertainty in budget planning in order to mitigate affordability risk
  • Provide better situational awareness of program execution affordability
  • Define a program's cost, schedule, and performance life cycle
  • Develop data-driven products for targeted risk management investments

AEF is just one of the tools MITRE provides sponsors to maximize their acquisition investments.