Programmer on computer

Our mission is to create new approaches and technolo­gies to deter, detect, disrupt, and deceive adversaries attacking U.S. networks and information. We are building trustworthy and resilient systems and enabling agile command and control of cyberspace operations. MITRE's Cyber group looks at the research being conducted by other organizations and seeks to address critical gaps for our government sponsors. We also leverage the work of others—for example, by adapting commercial technology to the government's specific needs.

Our researchers work on a wide range of issues, addressing the needs of multiple domains, both military and civilian, including:

  • Ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information
  • Protecting cyber physical and operational technology systems, including unmanned vehicles, industrial control systems, weapon systems, and biomedical devices
  • Protecting privacy and identity
  • Designing secure new systems, as well as providing effec­tive options to defend and operate the large number of legacy systems in use