Decision Science

Design Engineer in sterile coverall holds microchip with gloves

Because many organizations are developing next-generation analyt­ics and decision-support systems, we focus our research on sponsors' critical problems. For example, we create mission-specific analytics, as well as analytic platforms and next-generation technology. We also leverage technologies developed by industry, academia, and other organizations to advance the capabilities of the government and other stake­holders, e.g., by decreasing timelines and increasing decision quality.

We fund research in the development of technology enablers that will support data science by filling the gaps not being addressed by others. These projects are centered on:

  • Evaluation and assurance of machine learning analytics
  • Disruptive techniques to disable machine learning or other intelligent systems
  • Recommender/decision aids for machine learning archi­tecture and approaches
  • Data curation for machine learning and alternative data set generation
  • Use and evaluation of next-generation analytic chip-sets beyond GPU configurations
  • Course of action generation and optimization