Defense and Intelligence

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As a longstanding, trusted partner to the defense and intelligence communities, we understand the complex landscape in which they operate. This well-informed grasp of national security needs, missions, and constraints enables us to deliver solutions unhindered by commercial conflicts.

We’re developing next-generation signals processing technology, advancing cyber capabilities, and helping deter nuclear threats, among many other mission-critical projects. We’re improving acquisition processes by serving as a bridge between startups and the federal agencies that need the latest innovations. Through discoveries in artificial intelligence and autonomous technology, we’re improving speed and effectiveness, while reducing physical danger to humans.

We’re also deeply committed to countering risks posed by the Great Power Competition and strengthening our national resilience. We’re taking on adversarial disinformation campaigns, threats to defense-related supply chains, and disruptions to positioning, navigation, and timing systems.

Naturally, good defense depends on good intelligence. We work to improve delivery of targeted information to policymakers and warfighters, enabling analysts to develop sound plans and military commanders to confidently respond during battlefield engagements.

We invite you to learn more about MITRE’s work in defense and intelligence—a foundational element of our mission of solving problems for a safer world.



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