Enforce and Administer Immigration Laws

DHS focuses on providing increasingly efficient and timely services to the immigrant community and in reducing conditions that lead to illegal immigration and residence in our country. HSSEDI supports these complementary missions.
Woman's fingerprints being captured digitally by border patrol agent

Fair, efficient, and effective administration and enforcement of our immigration laws enrich American society. It unifies families, enhances our economic competitiveness, and supports national security. Immigration management is a challenge of considerable complexity. Our country seeks to promote lawful immigration, discourage illegal entry of foreign nationals, and integrate lawful immigrants into American society

We work closely with DHS to evolve an immigration system that employs consistent policies and priorities, promotes a common understanding of and respect for stakeholder roles, and enables improved information sharing and analysis. Additionally, we are helping the department ensure that its biometrics technology, such as fingerprinting, addresses broader immigration needs efficiently and cost-effectively.

Within HSSEDI's immigration mission area, our sponsors include: