Enriching the Communities Where We Live

Managing our Environmental Footprint

MITRE endeavors to operate as a sustainable company by reducing our carbon footprint, effectively managing our resources, and providing services to our staff that allow them to operate more efficiently, using fewer natural resources, while maximizing the health, safety, and productivity of their workplace.

In our commitment to the wise use of natural resources and environmentally friendly practices, we want to serve as an example for other corporations and encourage them to adopt green technology.

Support to our Local Communities

Every year, our employees volunteer more than 12,000 hours in their communities. We value their commitment and encourage it. Employees whose civic activities require absence during regular working hours may apply for paid time off. Our flexible hours also accommodate community involvement, as well as provide opportunities for employees to take part in wellness activities and balance the demands of their personal lives.

Support to Global Emergency Response

MITRE employees not only create innovative ways to assist with disaster relief as part of their jobs, they also volunteer and give back to these areas when needed. When disaster strikes, our employees jump in to help—whether the effects are local or halfway around the world. That might mean opening their homes to the victims of forest fires in Colorado. Or bringing emergency supplies to storm-struck coastal communities. Whatever the situation, our people don't hesitate to make a difference.