Health Outcomes

Scientists Working in The Laboratory, using touch screen

MITRE's mission of solving problems for a safer world has rarely been as relevant as it is today. As soon as word of COVID-19 began to spread, we swung into action.

How? By forming diverse teams to help the government gather, aggregate, and analyze data from around the world. By identifying best practices to share. By adapting our models to real-world results to understand the consequences of specific choices and actions. We're also working to better analyze the integrity of our health supply chain, which has been pushed to its limits, and to help develop credentials around vaccine administration.   

Beyond this immediate crisis, we continually apply our expertise and dedication to confront complex health challenges. We're focused on using new data analytics to understand and treat the world’s biggest health threats. We’re helping to develop record-keeping standards to better treat cancer and other diseases. And we’re building strategies to ensure vulnerable populations get the quality care they need and deserve, no matter where they are. 

Our work is aimed at connecting people and data to reinvent health systems, enhance the care experience, and protect and promote health and well-being.


(Video) Learn how MITRE’s Sara Alert™ is enabling public health officials with real-time insights and increased reporting capabilities to monitor COVID-19.


(Video) Learn how we are working to improve maternal mortality rates across the country with the MITRE Maternal Mortality Interactive Dashboard.


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