Integrating Solutions Across Government

MITRE's government sponsors have both specific mission objectives and common challenges. Frequently, the solution to one government agency's challenge exists within a technology or process developed for another agency.

Every day, our sponsors benefit from the totality of MITRE's research and innovation. Here are a few examples:

MITRE identified a way to use existing bistatic/multistatic ground-moving target indications radar for ground surveillance in contested areas. The same technology is now one component of a Department of Homeland Security sensor system that detects small aircraft crossing into the U.S. from Canada.

MITRE has had a leading role in developing satellite-based position, navigation, and tracking technology for our DoD and intelligence sponsors. Though the Air Force originated and operated it, the technology is a resource now used around the world.

Tagging geographic and manmade features visible on satellite images offers warfighters an advantage when they're on patrol. The military shares this capability with non-defense agencies, as well. For example, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, part of the DHS, uses the same technology and concepts when making damage assessments after a natural disaster such as a tornado or flood.

One of the government's biggest challenges is managing its information technology infrastructure to improve mission effectiveness, increase security, and improve efficiency. To this end, we are working with the DoD to establish a joint enterprise operated and managed using enforceable standards, specifications, and common tactics, techniques, and procedures. Working with MITRE, other government agencies have adopted the same approach to managing their IT enterprises.

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