MITRE Labs inspires breakthroughs in applied science and advanced technology to transform the future of U.S. scientific and economic leadership. Our goal: Deliver disruptive innovation to support our mission of solving problems for a safer world.

How? By bringing significant resources to scale MITRE’s impact through our federally funded research and development centers (FFRDCs). By strengthening competitiveness in a world where dual-use technologies like artificial intelligence and quantum computing can be game-changers for our nation’s security and economy. And by applying the objectivity and expertise of more than 4,000 technical staff across a wide range of disciplines, including MITRE Fellows, who are preeminent in their fields.

Together, we’re confronting some of today’s biggest challenges: Stopping cyber-theft of intellectual property by foreign governments. Defeating mobile hard targets. Securing microelectronics and pharmaceutical supply chains. And through our talent, platforms, partnerships, and vision, we’re focused on strengthening the vital U.S. missions and industries of the future.

MITRE Labs is the modern national foundry to advance U.S. science and technology leadership. Building on more than 60 years’ experience working across government, we’re stimulating new ways of thinking and action to tackle national and global challenges, in partnership with industry and academia. We’re extending MITRE’s whole-of-government platform to whole-of-nation impact.

Through MITRE Labs, we’re working to ensure the U.S. leads the world in scientific and technological innovation.

MITRE Labs Innovation Centers

  • +Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy (AIA) Innovation Center

    The Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy (AIA) Innovation Center addresses emerging, complex artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomy challenges to enable measurably effective, robust, and responsible use by sponsors and partners. The AIA Innovation Center brings deep and unbiased technical expertise informed by broad experience across the federal government to ensure timely delivery of trusted and effective capabilities. 

    Capabilities include:

    • Test autonomous platforms for safe and effective adoption
    • Detect and mitigate bias in AI
    • Detect and counter adversarial AI attacks
    • Natural language processing and computational law
    • Human machine teaming and AI for virtual/cognitive assistants and robotic process automation
  • +Clinical Insights Innovation Cell

    The Clinical Insights Innovation Cell delivers clinical and data science leadership, insight, and advanced artificial intelligence approaches in health to our partners in the public and private sectors. We believe our superpower stems from our ability to cooperate, generate shared ideas with partners, and apply technologies to fuel a more resilient society. Our expert workforce includes physicians, data scientists, and informaticists, as well as experts in digital health, clinical research trials, and AI.

    Capabilities include:

    • Data science and real-world data (RWD) analytic approaches
    • Health AI and machine learning techniques
    • Digital health policy and RWD regulatory innovation
    • Health standards, interoperability, and informatics
    • Clinical Insights (CLIPPER) platform
    • Clinical processes and trial research innovation
    • Public health and epidemiology
  • +Cost, Acquisitions, and Management Solutions Center (CAMS)

    The Cost, Acquisitions, and Management Solutions Center (CAMS) delivers multi-disciplinary analyses and products to acquire, create, and deploy systems and processes that are mission effective and lifecycle affordable. CAMS creates and applies new business models and approaches such as agile acquisition and agile program management, accelerated acquisition techniques, and sophisticated cyber risk analysis frameworks that dynamically address changes in technology, emerging threats, and evolving mission needs.

    An example of a CAMS solution is AiDA, a publicly available web-based platform developed as part of the MITRE Innovation Program (MIP) research initiative in that is continuously refreshed with relevant content. AiDA aims to explore how the federal acquisition environment can be transformed using digital strategies and tools. The research builds on MITRE’s project work across defense, civil, and intelligence agencies to implement innovative acquisition strategies, develop tailored acquisition models, and foster adoption of Agile development practices. 

    Capabilities include:

    • Strategic business and financial analytics
    • Acquisition, contract strategies, and acquisition innovation
    • Cost estimation and analysis
    • Risk analysis and management
    • Investment economics and decision analysis
  • +Cross-Cutting Urgent Innovation Cell (CUIC)

    The Cross-Cutting Urgent Innovation Cell (CUIC) aims to proactively identify and accelerate the fielding of pioneering solutions to the nation’s most pressing challenges cutting across missions, organizations, and technologies. CUIC brings rapid prototyping, mission analysis, and operational experimentation together in a unique environment at the intersection of mission pull and technology push to foster novel solution concept development and delivery.

  • +Cyber Infrastructure Protection Innovation Center (CIPIC)

    The Cyber Infrastructure Protection Innovation Center team defends mission-critical infrastructure from cybersecurity threats. Our work is mission-driven and brings a deep understanding of operational technology and persistent threats posed by adversaries. 
    We operate at the intersection of government and industry to inform strategic and tactical decision making, develop new capabilities, and deter adversaries.

    Capabilities include:

    • Operational technology (OT) and industrial control systems (ICS)
    • Cyber-physical systems
    • Cyber vulnerability/resiliency/risk assessments
    • Defensive technologies
    • Operational deception
    • Advanced threats
    • Cyber situational understanding
    • Cyber command and control
  • +Cyber Operations and Effects Innovation Center

    The Cyber Operations and Effects Innovation Center provides solutions and expertise performing defensive cyber operations, enabling offensive objectives, and conducting adversary emulation. Our team leads engagement and development for the MITRE ATT&CK® and CALDERA™ frameworks, and combines hands-on operational experience with best practices to develop intelligence-enabled solutions that counter advanced adversaries.

    Capabilities include:

    • Cyber adversary emulation
    • Cyber deception and adversary engagement
    • Cyber effects and reverse engineering
    • Cyber forensics
    • Cyber threat intelligence


  • +Cyber Solutions Innovation Center

    The Cyber Solutions Innovation Center brings together world-class expertise and thought leadership to address the extraordinary cybersecurity challenges facing our government, military, and private industry partners. Leveraging MITRE’s deep knowledge of adversary cyber threats, the center works with sponsors to architect, assess, and acquire safe, secure, and resilient cyber systems that meet their operational needs. In areas where there are gaps, the Center performs high-impact research and investigations to advance innovative and effective cyber solutions.

    Capabilities include:

    • Engineering and architecting safe, secure, and resilient systems
    • Advancing critical cyber technologies


  • +Data and Human-Centered Solutions Innovation Center

    The Data and Human-Centered Solutions Innovation Center addresses emerging, complex data and human-centered challenges of national and global significance using technology, analytics, and sciences of various types (data, geolocation, social, behavioral, and collaboration).Working at the intersection of data analytics and social/behavioral sciences, we enable government and the private sector to make better decisions through evidence-based discovery and analysis..

    Capabilities include:

    • Data and knowledge management
    • Data integration and interoperability
    • Analytics of big data, social media, the cloud, modeling, and prediction
    • Geolocation sciences, geospatial information systems and related analytic technologies
    • Collaboration and social computing, including human-machine teaming and universal accessibility
    • Social and behavioral sciences, including direct human data collection and cybersecurity related to human behavior
  • +Electronic Systems Innovation Center

    The Electronic Systems Innovation Center leverages deep technical knowledge, engineering expertise, and prototyping capabilities to develop, evaluate, and test creative and practical solutions that facilitate tech transition and informs acquisition. The Electronic Systems Innovation Center tests innovative and practical solutions in the areas of sensing, communications, processing, and more, and works across MITRE to define and deliver technical products to meet critical mission challenges.

    Capabilities include:

    • Electronic warfare, antennas/electromagnetics, sensors/radar, photonics, and signal processing
    • Communications, SIGINT, and position, navigation, and timing (PNT), and spectrum
    • Electronics and embedded security
    • Rapid electronic and hardware prototyping, advanced manufacturing, mechanical, and reliability design and structures
    • Underwater and acoustic systems


  • +Emerging Technology Innovation Center

    The Emerging Technology Innovation Center drives solution-focused innovation, research, and development for our sponsor’s most critical challenges through the rapid identification, exploration, and maturation of emerging technologies. We channel the bottoms-up idea generation of our scientists and engineers to conduct ground-breaking research based on the identified future needs of MITRE’s work programs. Our goal is to work in partnership across MITRE to drive the development of new applications based on emerging technologies.

    Capabilities include:

    • Biotechnology and life sciences
    • Emerging engineering and physical sciences
    • Nanotechnology, computational imaging, and quantum information sciences
    • Climate resilience and environmental sciences
    • Power and energy systems
  • +Enterprise Strategy and Transformation Innovation Center

    The Enterprise Strategy and Transformation Innovation Center applies systems thinking and behavioral science to drive targeted and enduring change within an enterprise. Our scholar-practitioners work with leaders to reimagine their organizations, solving existing complex problems while anticipating future challenges and opportunities using innovative methods, tools, and frameworks.  We guide improvements to business strategies and processes, human and organizational systems, and underlying technologies to implement and sustain lasting change.

    Capabilities include:

    • Strategic foresight and performance management
    • Business innovation and process engineering
    • Organizational change and agility
    • Workforce strategy
    • Enterprise architecture and transition planning


  • +Health Innovation Center

    The Health Innovation Center delivers leadership and trusted guidance to federal and state agencies to change the health market and reinvent the health experience. Recognizing the complexity of the healthcare ecosystem, we believe in the power of partnership, trusted engagement, and open systems to foster public- and private-sector innovation. Our expert workforce including physicians, clinicians, economists, and more. Each brings a unique multi-disciplinary approach to help solve our nation’s toughest health problems.

    Capabilities include:

    • Health policy and regulatory innovation
    • Healthcare quality and clinical processes
    • Health standards, interoperability, informatics, and prototyping
    • Health communication science
    • Public health and epidemiology


  • +Infrastructure and Networking Innovation Center

    The Infrastructure and Networking Innovation Center delivers inventive computing and network infrastructure capabilities to enable affordable and effective outcomes in an ever-changing and contested environment. With expertise in software-defined computing, enterprise and cellular networking, and service management we work to improve resilience and operational effectiveness with our sponsors and partners.

    Capabilities include:

    • Mission driven and enterprise networking xG (4G, 5G and beyond)
    • Cloud and data-center engineering
    • IT service operations and management
    • Network modeling, analytics, and control


  • +Modeling, Simulation, Experimentation, and Analytics (MSEA) Innovation Center

    The Modeling, Simulation, Experimentation, and Analytics (MSEA) Innovation Center conducts the data- and model-driven analyses necessary to clearly understand problems and make better decisions across systems. Through technical rigor, objectivity, problem formulation, diverse analytic techniques, and multiple approaches to presentation and understanding, the MSEA Innovation Center helps decision makers and stakeholders develop innovative solutions to vexing challenges.

    Capabilities include:

    • Architecture analytics
    • Interactive and immersive visualization
    • Model-based analytics
    • Operations Research
    • Simulation, experimentation, and gaming


  • +Software Engineering Innovation Center

    The Software Engineering Innovation Center delivers the full spectrum of software development capabilities from prototyping, through architecture and modeling, to software assessments. We prototype new capabilities and deliver advanced experimental functionality to address unmet business and mission needs.

    Capabilities include:

    • Agile development
    • Mobile and cloud computing
    • DevOps
    • Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Virtual reality, robotics, and computer vision


  • +Systems Engineering Innovation Center

    The Systems Engineering Innovation Center uses MITRE’s extensive engagements on hundreds of projects as well as collaborations with industry and academia to develop and apply novel techniques for effective and predictable Systems of Systems. Diverse technology is being created at a rapid pace across the world.  Our challenge is harnessing that technology to collectively solve problems at scale. And to do so, the systems engineering solution evolves as technology rapidly improves. The Systems Engineering Innovation Center identifies, nurtures, and promotes use of innovative technologies for solving our sponsors’ and partners’ most challenging problems.

    Capabilities include:

    • Digital and model-based engineering
    • Mission and system of systems engineering
    • AI-enabled systems engineering
    • Agile systems engineering
    • Systems security engineering
  • +Transportation Innovation Center

    The Transportation Innovation Center delivers expertise and objectivity to our sponsors’ toughest transportation systems and operations challenges--from surface to space. Our world-class analysts and engineers use systems thinking and data-driven approaches tested in our state-of-the-art laboratories to simulate, evaluate, and demonstrate concepts and operations that make the world’s transportation systems efficient, secure, and safe.

    Capabilities include:

    • Safety-critical communications
    • Transportation economic modeling and policy analysis
    • Aviation consensus-building through experimentation and demonstration
    • Transportation data analytics



Charles Clancy, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President, General Manager, MITRE Labs, Chief Futurist

Chris Fall, Ph.D.
Vice President, Applied Sciences

Wen Masters

Wen Masters, Ph.D.
Vice President, Cyber Technologies



Douglas Robbins
Vice President, Innovation & Capabilities, MITRE Labs