Pandemic Response

Woman receiving COVID-19 vaccination from healthcare worker in scrubs.

More than ever, MITRE remains committed to deepening knowledge about the coronavirus pandemic and its aftershocks, applying lessons learned to health-related and other national challenges.

To celebrate Women’s History Month, we feature some of the many women scientists, engineers, researchers, and executives who’ve been core to MITRE’s success since our beginnings. Throughout the pandemic, they’ve taken the lead as key members of the COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition, as cyber-defenders against ransomware attacks on hospitals, as experts on critical biomedical supply chains, and much more.

One of the things we’re best known for is our ability to bring together disparate—often competitive—organizations for the greater good. For the COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition, we even invented a new way to collaborate, with an innovative MITRE-created information infrastructure. For their work, our pioneering team has been named a winner of a 2021 CIO 100 Award, which recognizes business technology innovation.

Throughout this unusual year, MITRE’s people have done what they always do—apply innovative systems thinking to prepare for whatever the next normal brings.


MITRE WOMEN’S HISTORY: INSPIRATION THROUGH THE DECADES  1959:	Anna McLaskey   One MITRE's first female employees, she was a single mother and electronic components inspector. 1975: 	Lucy Benson  Former president of the League of Women Voters was the first woman elected to MITRE's Board of Trustees. 1979: 	Grace Nibaldi Established technical evaluation criteria in 1979 that led to the national standard for trusted computer security. 1989: 	Lydia Thomas Named Vice President of MITRE's Civil Systems Division becoming our first Black female executive. 1995: 	Take Your Daughters to Work Day MITRE hosted it's first corporate-wide "Take Your Daughters to Work Day" 1997: 	Sally Ride Former NASA astronaut and first woman in space Sally Ride joined MITRE's Board of Trustees. 2001: 	Judy Clapp Received Achievement Award for Society of Women Engineers for her outstanding contributions to the field of engineering. 2006: 	Julie Bowen Joined MITRE as Associate General Counsel. She now leads operations, strategic engagement/partnerships, and is SVP, Operations & Outreach and Chief Legal Officer. 2007:	Girls in Engineering Day MITRE began holding an annual “Girls in Engineering Day” event to encourage young women to enter the field of engineering.  2012-2018:	Women’s Leadership Conference  The 3,200+ graduates are an investment in MITRE’s future. Our WomenLEAD program is ongoing.  2018:	Kathleen Federico Serves as SVP, chief people and corporate strategy officer, leading talent programs, communications, marketing/brand, and corporate strategy. 2020:	Stephanie Turner Named MITRE first vice president, inclusion, diversity, and social innovation while also leading talent acquisition and leadership development.   Women Officers: Percentage of Women Vice Presidents and Senior Vice Presidents at MITRE Over the Last Decade In 2010: 	6% In 2015:	24% In 2021:	42%  At the highest level, MITRE’s five-person Senior Executive Leadership team includes two women: Julie Bowen, Senior Vice President, Operations and Outreach, Chief Legal Officer, and Kathleen Federico, Senior Vice President, Chief People and Corporate Strategy Officer, leading talent programs, communications, marketing/brand, and corporate strategy.

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