Partnerships & Collaboration

Capitol Building

MITRE's Technology Transfer Office (TTO) experts work with many types of organizations to transition MITRE intellectual property through the most appropriate methods. Following are some of our guidelines. To discuss licensing or collaboration activities, please contact MITRE's TTO.

Federal Agencies
U.S. government agencies are not required to obtain licenses to use MITRE-developed technologies.

State and Local Agencies
State and local agencies—or organizations selling to state and local jurisdictions—may license MITRE-developed technologies from MITRE.

Academic Institutions
In most cases, technologies licensed to academic or research institutions—or to organizations working with those institutions—are for research purposes only. These organizations may obtain limited-use licenses that are non-exclusive and non-revenue producing.

Commercial Entities
MITRE makes technologies available to commercial entities for further development and use by the government or industry. Doing so can provide a quick, cost-effective alternative to independently developing a similar technology. This often shortens time to market, reduces development expense, and results in higher quality products.

We encourage our scientists and engineers to collaborate with other experts in their research domains. Through these relationships, we gather relevant advanced knowledge on a topic and then apply it to a new solution—saving time and resources by not reinventing the wheel. Our partners include academic institutions, federal laboratories, other research organizations, and industry.

Collaboration agreements enable MITRE researchers to work with peers outside the company and share commercial- and government-funded resources and technology to achieve common research goals.