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MITRE'S Center for Data-Driven Policy brings objective, evidence-based, nonpartisan insights to government policymaking. We provide tangible, measurable, and innovative ideas to inform public policy that is effective and equitable.

In today's polarized times, the need for such a resource has never been greater.

Developing public policy that is actionable and consequential requires more than compelling new ideas. It also requires solid data so those ideas can be analyzed, and the impact, implications, and considerations for implementation can be discovered and addressed.

As the not-for-profit operator of multiple federally funded research and development centers, MITRE has decades of experience as a trusted adviser in the public interest. Our team of experts takes what we've learned through research and experimentation and applies those insights to new challenges.

We work on a wide range of topics, generally falling in four separate domains: national security, science and technology, cyber, and domestic policy. We coordinate closely with MITRE's government relations team to share timely insights and information with policymakers on the Hill and those in the administration.

The Center for Data-Driven Policy is a resource for government, universities, think tanks, and other organizations to draw on for evidence- and experiential-based insights on policy priorities.

We don't advocate for any specific position. We analyze data with a neutral stance. And we don't presuppose outcomes. But we do know this: Enabling sound policy decision-making through evidence-based insights will result in policies that better address significant national issues.



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Our experts provide guidance based on impacts, implications, and implementation considerations across a range of issues to address our nation's biggest challenges.

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Learn more about MITRE's work in key policy areas, from election integrity and cybersecurity to public health and the environment.


Center for Data-Driven Policy

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