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A MITRE Institute class.

MITRE provides a variety of training and educational opportunities to help our employees continually improve their skills and expertise. At MITRE, there are many ways to learn—whether through formal degree programs, continuing education, in-house training, or mentoring. And we'll even help you with your college loan debt, to make it easier to focus on your future educational growth.

Among our programs:

The MITRE Institute: The MITRE Institute is our corporate center for education, training, and development. You can choose from technical classes taught by experts in their fields or brush up on your business knowledge or management skills. Choose from among dozens of technical, business, management, and career development classes offered onsite and via e-learning modules and distance-learning. The Institute also offers access to an online library of bestselling books, curated videos, acclaimed-author articles, development groups, peer coaching, and social learning.

Mentoring and Leadership: You can also learn directly from those with experience through our mentoring and leadership programs. You'll gain insights from those who know what it takes to succeed in a rewarding career solving problems for a safer world.

Early Career Research Program. MITRE created the Early Career Research Program (ECRP) to engage our staff in research and development early in their careers and develop their abilities to perform transformational research for the benefit of our sponsors. It offers the opportunity to work half-time, up to one-year, on an independent research project aligned with the innovation areas of MITRE’s internal research program. ECRP participants work with mentors in their field as they learn how to think about, develop, and implement a research project. Skill development includes planning, budgeting, research execution, and communicating results.

College Loan Repayment: MITRE will contribute toward the balance of your existing student loans (up to certain annual limits). College Loan Repayment Assistance is open to regular staff who incurred student debt prior to becoming MITRE employees.

Basic Educational Assistance: We reimburse tuition, books, and applicable fees (up to certain annual limits) to support a planned academic objective in line with departmental work needs.

Accelerated Graduate Degree: Qualifying employees can pursue a Ph.D. degree at an accelerated rate with time off for studies and coverage for tuition, books, and applicable fees.

Advanced Degree Award: Qualifying employees receive a financial reward for completing a Masters/PhD degree.

Are you the kind of person who wants to learn, grow, and continue developing your skills throughout your career? Then we invite you to consider MITRE! Explore our current Job Openings.

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