Public Interest Impact

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From digital health, digital engineering, and vaccination credentials to data standards, cybersecurity, and global aviation safety. On the surface, these topics have little in common except the use of advanced technology. 

At MITRE, they have something else in common—our mission: solving problems for a safer world. 

This collective mission enables our multidisciplinary teams—including engineers, scientists, mathematicians, data analysts, policy specialists, and more—to dig into problems from all angles. As an independent, not-for-profit company, we have no commercial pressures to influence our decision-making, technical findings, or policy recommendations. And we collaborate widely, sharing knowledge throughout the company and with others, cross-pollinating good ideas across disciplines. 

Explore these examples of MITRE’s public interest impact.

(Video) MITRE's R&D capabilities allow us to tackle some of the nation's biggest problems, from cyber threats to battlefield communications to tax fraud detection. As a not-for-profit company working in the public interest, we freely share our innovations with government agencies, and transfer our technologies to commercial organizations when appropriate.



Embracing the Benefits of Telehealth. COVID-19 restrictions changed the way we approach many of our day-to-day activities, including our interaction with healthcare professionals. Telehealth visits replaced face-to-face medical interactions for routine consultations.

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View the news release COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition Surveys Patients on Telehealth Impact During COVID-19.



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