Secure and Manage Borders

HSSEDI is helping DHS maintain effective control of points of entry while identifying and disrupting transnational and criminal organizations before they reach our shores.

DHS must carry out these missions in challenging and varied operational environments. The work requires close coordination with other federal, state, local, tribal, and international partners, and can't hinder lawful trade and travel. We help DHS address the complexity of border security from an enterprise perspective, with an eye to finding solutions that are both effective and affordable.

For example, our research program developed and transitioned a radar system for exploring the clandestine underground tunnels that smugglers use. In 2011, the DHS Science & Technology Border and Maritime Division asked MITRE to develop modeling and simulation tools and a system methodology for developing an advanced capability to detect these tunnels. Publications such as Wired and Homeland Security Today have featured the work. It also shows promise for other government organizations.

Within HSSEDI's border control missions, our partners include: