Sensing, Processing, and Exploitation

3D printer

We invest in technologies such as advanced spectral processing, multistatic radar and sonar, signal processing, computer vision, novel antenna design and additive manufacturing, and photonics. Much of our research is integrated to address big challenges that could result in transformational capabilities. SPE leverages academic and commercial partnerships and advancements and works across multiple government agencies to accelerate mission impact and relevancy. 

Some of the areas we concentrate on include:

  • Enabling efficiencies through distributed, cost-effective sensing, and leveraging the proliferation of sensing devices for improved global discovery at scale
  • Accelerating the automation and extraction of information from increasing volumes and complexity of sensor data
  • Delivering information to the tactical edge through time-dominant processing, providing improved context and relevancy to a decision maker
  • Improving the resilience and cost-effective adaptability of systems through the convergence across multiple domains and environments