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MITRE aspires to create a stronger nation and a better world by contributing to breakthroughs in cyberspace safety and security. Through our integrated efforts, we advance transformational cybersecurity across MITRE’s sponsors that:

  • Deliver ground-breaking innovations that radically change the way the community approaches cybersecurity and privacy
  • Chart the way to a more secure and resilient government
  • Accelerate solutions that enable the safe and secure use of cyber-physical-human systems
  • Chart a path to coordinated cyber operations across government

MITRE advocates a balanced security posture that combines classic cyber defense with a new emphasis on gathering and sharing intelligence information about threat actors. With this innovative model, defenders become both intelligence collectors and producers. Organizations can share this cyber threat information to improve the security of everyone in the community.

We invite you to learn more about the latest developments in MITRE's cybersecurity work program.

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MITRE is fully committed to defending and securing our cyber ecosystem. We see education and awareness as key to the ability of all citizens to take control of their cyber lives. Get the latest tips and advice as a digital citizen from one of our trusted partners, the National Cyber Security Alliance of America.