Where We Focus

Cyber team collaborating

New and innovative technologies are entering our economy and infrastructure at a rapid pace. The need for U.S. government and industry to adopt better ways to employ these technologies securely has never been greater. The National Cybersecurity FFRDC is focused on supporting and advising NIST and its National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) to address this need through:

Designing Practical Cybersecurity Solutions. MITRE brings teams of cybersecurity architects, engineers, social scientists, and communications professionals together with NIST to design and build usable, real-world solutions. The goal:  improve organizations' ability to identify, protect, detect, respond to, and recover from cyber threats and vulnerabilities. These targeted solutions—documented in the groundbreaking NIST Special Publication 1800 series—are helping to protect banks, hospitals, utilities, hotels, governments, and small businesses, and the people they serve using commercially available technology.

Applying NIST and Industry Standards and Frameworks. Cybersecurity standards can enhance security and risk management. They help establish common security requirements and the capabilities needed for secure solutions. Using the NIST Cybersecurity and Privacy Frameworks as our guide, we show organizations how to align their security solutions with NIST and industry standards to provide tangible benefits.

Anticipating and Preparing for Tomorrow’s Technology. Transformational technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5G networks, and the Internet of Things promise greater flexibility and efficiency in transportation, energy, healthcare, commercial space, and other sectors. The National Cybersecurity FFRDC provides research and development, science and engineering, and technical analysis to NIST and other federal and private sector organizations to understand and address the complexity and cybersecurity challenges of emerging technology.

Expanding and Strengthening Collaborative Relationships. The National Cybersecurity FFRDC brings strategic communications and facilities management expertise to NIST and the NCCoE to connect and strengthen relationships with government, academia, nonprofit, industry, and international organizations. MITRE manages the digital presence of the NCCoE, along with their physical and logical facilities—including 22+ labs and multiple office, meeting, and conference spaces—located in the heart of Maryland’s technology corridor in Rockville, Maryland.